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05 Mei 2010

Mengenal Pelalawan Aneka Istilah Budaya, Permainan Rakyat, Peralatan, Makanan Khas, Flora dan Fauna

Mengenal Pelalawan Aneka Istilah Budaya, Permainan Rakyat, Peralatan, Makanan Khas, Flora dan FaunaThis book contains brief information about cultural terms, traditional games, appliances, special food, flora and fauna of Pelalawan Regency, Riau Province. Although written in the form of encyclopedia complemented with photos and brief and simple information, the book provides quite enough knowledge about the culture and natural environment of Pel... detail... »
05 Mei 2010

Berhutang pada Rakyat

Berhutang pada RakyatLooking at Chaidir’s position today, as head of Riau Regional House of Representatives, the book Berutang Pada Rakyat (In People’s Debt) maybe fits best to represent himself. It is normal and perhaps “mandatory” for a high official to talk about debts to the people. In this book, Chaidir seems to soliloquize or talking to himself about ... detail... »
04 Mei 2010

Hikayat Hang Tuah Analisis Struktur dan Fungsi

Hikayat Hang Tuah Analisis Struktur dan FungsiWhen talking of literature, the first thing we would likely remember is the Platonic view of literature. Plato thinks that literature is mimetic, an imitation or illustration of reality. On the one hand, what literary works express is non-complete reality whilst on the other hand people want to reach the ideas behind such reality. An artist—because... detail... »
22 April 2010

Panggil Aku Osama

Panggil Aku OsamaThis book by Chaidir contains some perspectives on ideology, politics, economy, social, culture, defense and security either locally, nationally or internationally. As the Head of Riau Legislative with a wide access for information it is reasonable for Chaidir to write such information. detail... »
15 April 2010

Membaca Ombak

Membaca OmbakA book as a “dead” object (cannot be translated or interpreted) becomes “alive” (can be translated or interpreted) until people do something about it. Likewise, a knife as a “dead” object is meaningless until people give meaning by using it to chop a watermelon or stab other people. Despite the various interpretations (especially in semiotic analys... detail... »
15 April 2010

Hukum Adat dan Undang-Undang Bandar Bima

Hukum Adat dan Undang-Undang Bandar BimaThis is another book which attempts to introduce the hadat (customary) law which used to be applied in the Kingdom/ Sultanate of Bima, West Nusa Tenggara. It is also a transliteration by a member of the royal family namely Siti Maryam R Salahuddin. She is the grand daughter of Sultan Abdul Khair II, the last Sultan of the Sultanate of Bima (1951-20... detail... »
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